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Stabbing Suspect Tells His Side Of The Story

The man accused of stabbing a 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosteron friend in his driveway in Johnson County says it was self defense. We visited 29 year old Jeffrey Hunter at the Big Sandy Regional Detention Center to "Comprar Gh Jintropin" hear his side of the Injectable Steroids And Kidneys story.

Robert Delong's family and Jeffrey Hunter tell us Delong was angry because he believed Hunter stole from him. That's about all they agree on.

But Hunter says he didn't go to Delong's house looking for a fight. He says Delong was waiting outside for him and threatened to kill Hunter, his wife and 2 year old son.

"So I took a step Oral Turinabol 10mg back. "Oxandrolone Powder India" When I did, he stood up out of the car, he cut my finger and stabbed my hand, so I stabbed him," Hunter said.

Hunter says he didn't burglarize Delong's "Comprar Gh Jintropin" home, but admits to stealing a knife earlier that morning from a BP station in "Anabola Steroider Norge Lagligt" Meade. When we asked about the surveillance video police say shows Hunter stealing a clerk's purse, his memory gets a Methenolone Enanthate Effects little fuzzy.

"I don't know, I was drunk that night," Hunter said.

Hunter says he didn't mean to hurt a friend he's known his whole life. He says the toughest thing now is seeing his son only during visitation at the jail.