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Student shot at Perry Hall Masteron For Endurance High School

Police said the suspected shooter is a 15 year old sophomore.Read more: Facebook status shows glimpse into suspected shooter's mindOne student who spoke with WBAL TV 11 NewsreporterLowell Melser said the shooter was being teased in the cafeteria and that he eventually stood up and said to someone that he was going to "kill you." The student said the shooter then left the cafeteria, came back with a shotgun and started shooting.Baltimore County "buy cheap jintropin online" Police Chief James Johnson said that the suspected shooter fired a shot randomly, meaning the victim wasn't targeted. Johnson said a school "Buy Cheap Jintropin Online" staff member later identified as "Buy Cheap Jintropin Online" guidance counselor Jesse Wasmer tried to grab the shooter, causing a second shot to be discharged. He said that's when a resource officer was able to arrest the shooter."From early indications, it does appear to us that had it not been for the bravery and heroic acts of Perry Hall staff and faculty members, this would have been a lot worse," schools Superintendent Dallas Dance said. "It was the faculty staff and an individual in particular who really stepped in to make a situation less severe."Students were evacuated to the fields behind Perry Hall Middle School at 4300 Ebenezer Road and to the Perry Hall Shopping Center, where buses were picking them up and sending them home. Many roads were blocked off in the area so students could safely get to the bus transfer zone.One parent said Oral Steroids With Or Without Food an email was sent from the school, saying they could also pick up their children at the middle school. An 11 News producer said she heard that many students were able to notify their parents of the shooting through cellphones.Students: Everyone was runningMelser reported that the immediate scene after the shooting was chaotic, with panicked parents running around.Two girls told Melser they heard a pop and saw the gun, so they ducked under a table and eventually ran out. One of the girls said she saw a guidance counselor grab the gun and push the suspected shooter against a vending machine.Another student told Melser that kids were throwing things at the shooter. The student then said everyone started running."There was no thinking. I just ran. There was nothing I could do," the student said. "As soon as I hit the front door, I saw people going out the side door. This one girl was on the ground getting stepped on."Monday marked the first day of the school year for students at Perry Hall, which has about 2,300 students. Roy Taylor said the students were very orderly, and county school officials agreed.Dance, who just started his tenure as superintendent in July, said the school and the students followed the standard crisis procedure and acted appropriately."We felt that even in situations where unfortunate incidents took Comprar Levitra place today, we were well planned for events that happened on the first day of school. All of our schools have school safety plans," Dance said."It's a difficult world we live in today. I kind of hoped Baltimore County would be immune to this activity, but apparently we're not. I do want to reassure all of the parents and citizens that our police have acted in terrific fashion, as Masteron Sale Usa did the school system, and I commend their efforts and what they've done here," said County Executive Kevin Kamenetz.Baltimore County Councilman David Marks went to Perry Hall High School and gave the evacuation an A."It was a portrait of calmness," he said. "They handled themselves very well.""I would hope that the whole Baltimore County community right now rises together to make sure that we send the biggest prayers for both students in their speedy recoveries," Dance said of the shooting victim, and a student struck by a car in Woodlawn.Dance said he and the police chief have discussed increased security at Perry Hall, in addition to added faculty support staff.Gov. "Buy Cheap Jintropin Online" Martin O'Malley released a statement after the shooting, saying, "We've suffered a senseless act of violence. I'd like to thank the teachers and administrators for their courageous and life saving actions. At this time, our thoughts and prayers are with the injured student and his family."